06 January 2009

Goats for Hire

I always love to hear interesting, quirky things about other places in this world. Especially from new transplants to the area, for example...my little sister living in Washington state. Other people I know who live in the Pacific Northwest (who have lived there their whole lives) just take certain things for granted. Like slugs and the weather. But Sara is an observer, and I just loved hearing some of her stories over Christmas.

One that I particularly loved is that there is a blackberry overgrowth in her area, and people (even the public parks system, etc.) hire other people's goats to come and eat the blackberry bushes and keep them at bay. All the more reason for Bill to finally let me get a baby goat.

The Pea is currently lying in his crib, happily fighting a nap, cooing and squealing. Here are some Christmas shots:


Amy Oliver said...

oh, karen, he is so cute! keep the pictures coming :)

Megan said...

love, love these pics! what a cute and happy boy he is!