29 January 2009

Diaper Dilemma

Okay, moms, aunts, and grandmas out there...here's my question of the hour:

The Pea is currently in-between sizes in his diapers. The 1-2's are a smidge too small (we've been having leakage, especially at night...I'll leave it at that). The 2's are too big swallowing him whole. My current strategy is to put him in the smaller size during the day when he doesn't get as wet and then just wrap the bigger ones around him as tight as I can at night. But there's still a little gappage, especially if he squirms around a lot. And then, there's the bummer that you can't buy size 2 at Sam's. They jump from 1-2 to 3. The "3" package says 16-28 pounds. Pbuhh!

So my question is...what did you do during the "in-between" times? What I'm doing or something else?


Beth said...

I just found you from a different blog, but thought I'd give my two cents worth on the diaper dilemma! We have started buying our diapers from diapers.com, since we "outgrew" the Sam's sizes!! As for being in between sizes, we usually just put our little girl in the next size up and fastened it really tight!!
Also, if you're using Pampers, check out Luvs...they are essentially the same diaper, but quite a bit cheaper!!! We were Pampers snobs the first year of our little gals' life,but have since switched to Luvs!!

Karen said...

Yes, I'm definitely thinking of switching to a different brand. I wish there was a diaper sample pack where you could buy just a few diapers of a bunch of different brands.

Right now, I have the 2's completely crossed over his body and the tabs overlapping. Ironically, I had a few Pampers 2's from 4 years ago (from our nephew visiting when he was little), and they fit better than the current Pampers 2's. ???

Karen said...

Oh, and welcome, Beth!