31 May 2009

Baby Pants Pockets


I've wondered this since the Pea was wearing newborn clothes.  What on earth are they supposed to carry in those little pockets?

And the pockets are so tiny that the only things they could actually put in them would be choking hazards.

28 May 2009

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Crying

Things have been a little rough the past couple days at Chez Pea.  The Pea is almost exactly 9 months old, and several things are rocking his little world right now:

1. teething
2. working on crawling
3. frustration that he is not able to crawl wherever he wants right this moment with no one to stop him.  ever.
4. the dropping of his 3rd nap with his 2nd nap not adequately spaced late enough from the 1st nap to get him all the way to bedtime (naps have been my nemesis since day one).
5. simultaneous extreme emotions toward the dog.  LOVE!  ANGER!  "COME NEAR ME!  DON'T LICK ME!  EAT MY PUFFS!  DON'T DISTURB ME WHILST I'M EATING!" 
6.  horrible itchy eczema behind his knees and in the crooks of his arms.  yet when i try to put the Rx cream on it...treachery, woman!

As I said to my mom earlier this week...he's just got a lot of living to do right now.

And I must run.  He just got up from a very short nap, confirming my suspicions that this is going to continue to be the day from the Dark Bowels of Hades.

07 May 2009

Raising Some Moolah

I wanted to pass on the link to this website which is raising money to help pay for the medical costs of a young author/librarian.  In February, she (a) got signed with a literary agent, (b) got married, and (c) was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer.  She seems like someone I would be friends with, and I hate cancer.