28 August 2006

random thoughts

To add an even funnier ending to the "Gentleman's Razor" story, Michele is apparently in her late 50's. Yes, that would be both Bill's and my parents' age.

I really don't have much to share. I had an insanely lazy weekend. Pretty much laid around in bed and on the couch all day Saturday and Sunday. Went on a date Saturday night to a good restaurant and to see Talladega Nights, which was rather funny. My favorite character was Karen the cougar. I've been going around "mrowring" at Bill for 2 days.

I'm in the process of transitioning out of my position at work, and I have to say that it feels like I'm losing a big chunk of my identity. Like it or not, even when I've been stressed out, tired, or sick of the commute, my job has been a really huge part of who I am for the last 3 years. I'm kind of feeling like "Now what?" now.

23 August 2006

(hair) club for men

I thought my readership (hi, all of you--shelli, sarah, kat, sara, mel, and ellen!)would enjoy this business card that I found in Bill's car cupholder. Normally, he goes to a place called "The Clipper", and it's precisely what you would imagine. Two middle-aged guys, a semi-nautical theme (basically, their wives came and hung up some pictures of ships and mermaids). But apparently, Bill didn't like that they would never cut his hair close enough. My conspiracy theorist husband claims that they would intentionally leave his hair a little long so he'd have to come back every 2 weeks rather than every 3 weeks. (Apparently, Sports Clips is the absolute worst about this) So he decided to try some different places.

Enter the Gentleman's Razor (and trust me, the picture does not do the card justice. It's like textured gold lamee! With her name handwritten on the back to boot.) When I found the card in his cupholder, I was like, "Ahem...is there something you need to tell me? Just what are they shining?" And then we both burst out laughing. I'm thankful that card's not something I have to worry about for real. But seriously, G's Razor folks, get a better business card! To their defense, he got a good close cut. But that was only after lying about the length of time that it's been since his last haircut. So now, when he goes back, they'll know that his hair doesn't grow that quickly, and they'll not cut it as close. This, according to my conspiracy theorist husband.

14 August 2006

my name is andy, and i like candy

And I eat it whenever I can
If it's handy
Gimme some candy
It's so good and sweet
The perfect treat
It's such a thrill
To eat my fill
And gobble till there's nothing on the plate
Candy is great, but wait!

It's very bad for me. And seriously, I think I'm addicted. I downed a M & M's "to share" bag this afternoon. I can't look at the "baby bottle pops" in line at Wal-Mart without wincing. It's like I have this constant craving for refined sugar even though it makes me feel HORRIBLE afterwards. I wish that I craved carrots and celery. Eating crunchy vegetables IS good for me. And it's good for you, so eat them, too.

On a completely different (but equally self-disturbing) side note, I like Paris Hilton's song "Stars Are Blind". What is wrong with me?

13 August 2006

i resemble that!

I have been unjustly accused of with-holding posts as emotional punishment doled out to my readership (what am I up to now, 4?) for not posting enough comments.

No, I'm just lazy.

And I've been travelling. To beautiful Colorado. Home of the Rockies and John Elway and a homeless guy that I gave 50 cents to. The top headline in the Denver Post this morning was about Israel, but the largest headline and biggest front page cover story (about 3/4 of the page) was (and I am not kidding): "Like 7 Like Son" about John Elway's kid. You can say a lot about those Coloradans, but you can't question their devotion to sports.

It was a bit difficult leaving the sunny skies in the mid 70's with 0 humidity to come back here to the sweltering heat and "air soup". Although it does look like we got a little rain. Our lawn has perked up.

I just have to keep telling myself that it's always something, no matter where you live. The house costs may have spiked a little here in my neck of the woods over the last year or so, but it really is out of control in Colorado. We drove past one neighborhood (literally 50 yards off the interstate) that was going from the "800's & up". Those same houses looked to be in the 450-500 range here. You just can't get the land there that you can here. Which is ironic as most of the area around Fort Collins is just big amber waves of grain. Sigh. With purple mountains majesty in the background (which was actually referring to Pikes Peak in CO Springs, a bit further south).

Oh, and Bill got altitude sickness. He kept describing all the symptoms, and I kept saying, "You have altitude sickness. Take a Tylenol. Drink lots of water. Lay down for a while." But then, 15 minutes later, he'd say, "I just really don't feel good. My stomach kind of hurts. My head aches..." K: "Honey, you have altitude sickness. Take a Tylenol. Drink lots of water. Lay down for a while." B: "Y'know...I got sick the last time I was here, too! I wonder what the matter is."

I think you can see where that all headed. Miracle of all miracles, he stepped off the plain this afternoon and felt just fine.

I've had altitude sickness before though, and I can totally sympathize with him. It really is awful. I usually get a mild case the first day I'm there (although I was fine this trip), but one ski trip, I felt so awful, I was convinced I had the flu. My mom was very sweet. She brought me water and Tylenol and let me whine on the sofa for the morning until, lo and behold, I was well enough to ski the next day.

Oh, I want to go skiing.