06 August 2004

Husband-to-be is a bit of a conspiracy theorist. One of his big theories is that the trips to the moon were fake. Now, I’m as skeptical as the next gal, but I always scoffed at him on this one.

Until watching "The Right Stuff" last night. I guess that I just never realized how precarious the Mercury missions were before (single-manned capsules, practically non-steerable, things snapping off in space). The Russians beat us to EVERYTHING in our space program in the early 60's. First animal. That stupid dog of theirs. First manned flight. First to orbit the earth.

Then four years later, we're on the moon? And the Russians never got there?

I realize that they were falling apart politically and economically at that time, but come on!

But I still don't believe that Princess Diana is alive with Dodi on a tropical island somewhere.

05 August 2004

Counting up the invitations last night, I realized that I am further along than I thought. I had 96 done (rather than the 75 I had guesstimated), and I finished another 40 last night (as opposed to the 25 in my mind) leaving me approximately 15 more to do (as opposed to 50). It was liking finding a $50 bill in my pocket.

And now the fun stuff is coming. People are asking me where we’re registered and are planning showers. I found a nice flower lady. People say, “Oh! That’s coming right up!” when I tell them the wedding date. My wacky wedding dreams have been getting silly as opposed to nerve-wracking. I’ve bought fun lingerie. I switched pills, and I’m no longer nauseated in the mornings.

So, of course, I’m sitting here thinking, “I wonder when it’s all going to crash down around my ears.” I so frequently do this—let my pessimistic side just take over. But I don’t want to live there, 2 steps ahead of myself on the worrisome scale. Is something going to go wrong on my wedding day? Surely. Will someone notice it and tell me at the least opportune moment? Probably. Can I do anything about it? Nope. So why should I spend precious time worrying about it?

Sigh. I will anyway.

03 August 2004

I once flirted my way to a month and a half of free rentals at Blockbuster. A few years ago, they were having a promotional contest where, when you rented a movie, you got a scratch card where you could win free rentals. So I went in to rent something, got a scratch card, and I WON! Never won anything before in my life, so I jumped around all cute and squealed. And of course, the 17 year-old boys behind the counter got a kick out of that. So when I came to redeem my free movie, they gave me another scratch card. Shocking! Another winner! Came in to redeem, another card, another win. And so it went on for a month and a half. I finally asked after the third card what the deal was, and the guy admitted that every card was a winner. I didn’t point out the obvious that they shouldn’t be giving me a new scratch card after I redeemed the last one. I have a sneaking suspicion that they knew.

And then, all my free rental fun came to an end when the manager was working the counter when I checked out, and I asked, “Don’t I get another card?” And he replied, “Only if you pay to rent something,” then turned around and glared at the pack of 17 year-old boys. Poor boys.

And now, I think that the Blockbuster girl is starting to judge me. Since I began working on my wedding invitations, I’ve probably been in there 4 or 5 times to rent movies (I just pop in a video and get to cutting, gluing, and eyeletting—makes the time go by faster.)

Well, I went in last night, and the girl practically mouthed the words, “Nice social life.” It’s almost enough to make me want to join NetFlix just to avoid the shame.

02 August 2004

bill and i had an all-out movie weekend and went and saw "the village" (excellent movie) saturday night and "the bourne supremacy" yesterday afternoon. "bourne" was also a very good movie, although i was a bit distracted by the baby sitting 3 rows back. we didn't get off to a good start with the baby family as i, not seeing the baby, sat down right in front of them, and bill said, "no, let's move. baby." he said it quietly but within earshot, and apparently, they were miffed at bill point out the obvious presence of their child. they really ticked both bill and me off. not just because they brought a baby in a movie theater...i realize that parents of young children need impromptu little afternoons out as much as the rest of us but that they would bring this baby in, sit in the very middle of the theater, go "hush, hush, shhh, shhh" rather than just take it out, and then flash bill and i dirty looks as they got into their lincoln navigator on the way out. i was seriously tempted to go up and say, "i realize that you need time out of the house with a small child, but you did it rudely, and judging by your car, you really could have sprung for a babysitter." bill was really mad because the baby was the loudest at the very end when there's the quiet scene with bourne talking emotionally with the young woman...coo coo coo. and it's too bad because it was a very pleasant, cute baby and her parents will probably raise her to be a navigator-driving she-shrew just like her mother.