02 August 2004

bill and i had an all-out movie weekend and went and saw "the village" (excellent movie) saturday night and "the bourne supremacy" yesterday afternoon. "bourne" was also a very good movie, although i was a bit distracted by the baby sitting 3 rows back. we didn't get off to a good start with the baby family as i, not seeing the baby, sat down right in front of them, and bill said, "no, let's move. baby." he said it quietly but within earshot, and apparently, they were miffed at bill point out the obvious presence of their child. they really ticked both bill and me off. not just because they brought a baby in a movie theater...i realize that parents of young children need impromptu little afternoons out as much as the rest of us but that they would bring this baby in, sit in the very middle of the theater, go "hush, hush, shhh, shhh" rather than just take it out, and then flash bill and i dirty looks as they got into their lincoln navigator on the way out. i was seriously tempted to go up and say, "i realize that you need time out of the house with a small child, but you did it rudely, and judging by your car, you really could have sprung for a babysitter." bill was really mad because the baby was the loudest at the very end when there's the quiet scene with bourne talking emotionally with the young woman...coo coo coo. and it's too bad because it was a very pleasant, cute baby and her parents will probably raise her to be a navigator-driving she-shrew just like her mother.

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Anonymous said...

I still like my "future strategy" on dealing with this situation. If I do approach the baby-bringing selfish parents and they argue that "I don't know how it is never being able to leave the house with a baby, and besides...this is a public place"...then I have a plan. I will call one of my good friends and have him ring my cell phone every five minutes as I move to sit somewhere behind the self-centered couple. Then I could cooly say, "Public place." Okay, I really would't do that because it would not be fair to the other people around me. However, Karen and I did decide yesterday that if we have a baby and are desperate to get out of the house for a movie, we would go to a matinee and sit in the VERY back. One of us would have to take the baby outside if it was being loud. Either that or if we were driving the kind of car those folks had, we could just rent out the entire theater for the afternoon. - Husband-To-Be