06 August 2004

Husband-to-be is a bit of a conspiracy theorist. One of his big theories is that the trips to the moon were fake. Now, I’m as skeptical as the next gal, but I always scoffed at him on this one.

Until watching "The Right Stuff" last night. I guess that I just never realized how precarious the Mercury missions were before (single-manned capsules, practically non-steerable, things snapping off in space). The Russians beat us to EVERYTHING in our space program in the early 60's. First animal. That stupid dog of theirs. First manned flight. First to orbit the earth.

Then four years later, we're on the moon? And the Russians never got there?

I realize that they were falling apart politically and economically at that time, but come on!

But I still don't believe that Princess Diana is alive with Dodi on a tropical island somewhere.

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