25 February 2009

Double Oi.

Okay, again I'm sorry for the lackluster post frequency.  The Pea has come down with a stomach virus (hopefully, we're hitting the tail end of it...no pun intended).  He actually had the rotovirus vaccine, so I'm hoping that it will be a mild case.  So far, it hasn't been too bad.

On a completely unrelated side note, my friend Holley has written a book!  It's a devotional for women.  You can read about it here.  She has a link where you can purchase it.  I got a little sneak peek at it on Saturday, and it looks really good!!

18 February 2009


Ever have one of those weeks?

Okay, more like two weeks?

I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that it's been a bit of a rough month so far. The Pea is well (although we've been going through a rough patch in the ol' sleep department). He just started rice cereal and LOVES it. As in, yell-at-me-when-the-spoon-is-not-full-and-headed-towards-his-mouth loves it. We'll see how his introduction to veggies goes. I'll keep a camera nearby just in case it's hilarious. It's funny, but there's this little part of me that's sad that he's started solids. It's kind of the first step of independence, so while the biggest part of me is cheering, "yay!", there's a little part of me that's sighing, "aww..."

Any help here would actually be appreciated: what's a good veggie to start out with. My friend Ashley was going to lend me a book on it, but I'm always curious about others' opinions. Perhaps peas...it would seem appropriate.

And the Pea's waking up from a (two hour!!!) nap. Gotta run and get the oil changed and tires rotated on Bill's car.

Karen out.

06 February 2009

Shark Jumpin' Friday

Okay, before I get to the Jump Rant, I had to share this for all my fellow math geek friends out there (courtesy of my sister Sara):

It makes me happy.
I think Facebook Notes may have jumped the shark. I'm getting upwards of 10 a day (and I'm guilty of circulating them myself). It was fun coming up with 25 Random Things about myself and reading others' lists. And the Memories one has been a fun walk down nostalgia lane with some of my old friends. But then came the "First Born" meme--do all my 200-something facebook friends really need to know how long it took me to get pregnant with The Pea and whether I had pain medication during labor? Much less whether it was "natural" or a c-section. (Congrats to all my friends who had to have c-sections and therefore, apparently, had "fake" deliveries.) And what about the second born? Third? What if your first child was adopted? Sigh.