29 September 2007


Well, I was gone for 10 days, then came back to a new job, so this is the first time I've had to just sit down and blog.

Okay...the trip. We went to Cape Cod, Nantucket, NYC, and Georgia.

Cape Cod--quaint, cranberry-licious, dang expensive.
Nantucket--even more quaint, even more dang expensive (just to get out there even).
NYC--treated me kinder than it did last time (read below).
Georgia--as Georgia-rific as ever. New Coke museum not worth your money, especially if you visited the old Coke museum. :)

Funny conversation from Nantucket:
Karen: Look at all these adorable shops!
Bill: Yeah, these are the types of shops that people in our area (AR) think that they can open but then they fail 6 months later...like a nautical dog wear shop.
K: Nautical dog wear!! Hahaha!

(Later in day, eating at a quaint Nantucket eatery, looking through a quaint Nantucket guidebook)
K: Oh, my goodness, there's an ad for a nautical dog wear shop.

I went to it. It was quaint.

So NYC. Here are my thoughts...first of all, I had a much better time than in March. I didn't lose my wallet. I didn't have to slush through snow and ice while we were there losing my wallet. I didn't have to dodge around the 4 million (I am not exaggerating) extra people in town for St. Patty's Day. No, the weather was delightful. We walked around Central Park, did every touristy thing imaginable...it was thoroughly pleasant.

However, I am still not ga-ga over the place. It just seems to be this place of amazing converses. You can walk down Madison Ave. and see some of the most amazingly pristine shops in the world. But on your way to that shop, you can easily walk through pools of dog (I hope it was dog) urine. You can receive some of the best service of your life in quaint restaurants. You can step off the curb and have a taxicab driver plow within 2 inches of you while flipping you off.

There seems to be one universal truth in the Big Apple. You can't afford it unless you're willing to sell a kidney.