25 May 2007

2 pradas and a gucci


So Bill brought me back a veritable parade of gifts...that is what he called it on the car drive home from the airport, and I doubted him, but I was so wrong to doubt him. It was a cornucopia of gifts!!!!!

So the Gucci is the more suspect of the two brands of bags. Completely fabulous jacquard Gucci logo with pink trim, but yes, it is probably a knockoff--but a really good knockoff! But the Prada bags, oh the Prada bags. They actually have a better shot of being real since Prada had a factory literally right down the street in Shen Zhen (one black and sporty...adorable; the other is the logo jacquard with red trim...much like this, only tan with red trim:)

So anyway, welcome back, best-husband-ever, and thank you for knowing one of my biggest weaknesses and indulging it. :)

Oh, and he got me a chick flick and Season 1 of 30 Rock (wait a minute, that's not out on DVD yet...or is it?)

time well spent

This morning, a box turtle spent the better part of half an hour crossing our backyard, and I spent the better part of half an hour watching him (rather than doing what I should have been doing...packing. Oh, how I wish I were a box turtle and could carry everything I needed around on my back.)

So anyway, he made it all the way across the yard, and I began to grow worried because he made it to the border of our yard, but there's a 4 foot drop-off to the woods. So I ran outside and picked him up (I had to find him...he went to hide under a pokeberry bush when he saw me coming), and I lowered him down the drop-off. Actually, when he saw me coming, he tried to throw himself over the edge before hiding under the pokeberry bush. Very sad. That turtle preferred certain injury over my help. Hmphh.

On a hippity, hoppity, hap-hap-happy note, my husband is coming back from China in a few hours. My goodness, I've missed that man. AND he's bringing me back presents.

18 May 2007

Note of Explanation on Previous Post

After a very excited and happy e-mail from my friend Shelli (sorry for the confusion, Shelli), I feel I need to make a small note of explanation about my last post.

A phlebotomist is a person specially trained to draw blood. Not a doctor. The phlebotomist's opinion about my ability to get pregnant seems to be based sheerly on the facts that (a) he figured out that I was having the blood tests for infertility given what tests they were so he asked if they were for infertility, (b) he seems like a nice guy who wants good things for others, and (c) he had just jabbed me mercilessly with 6 needles, and I think he was willing to say anything to get me to smile at him rather than grimace.

No doctor in his right mind (especially a reproductive endocrinologist) would make a statement like, "I'm sure you can get pregnant" because that would be a lawsuit waiting to happen if someone were litigious.

It's actually a bit of a pet peeve of mine when people tell me that "they're sure we'll get pregnant" because they are not. They hope we get pregnant (a sentiment that I appreciate). Just say that.

On a completely separate note, I am a veritable whirlwind of packing right now. Sunny is extremely upset that some of his favorite spots on which to lie down are now covered with boxes. He'll get over it.

16 May 2007

New Things I Have Learned Today

1. Moving to a one-bedroom apartment temporarily after living in a much-too-big-for-us house is very freeing.

2. Carrying our (too many) possessions up two flights of stairs is not so much freeing as horrid.

3. Play It Again Sports does not buy used roller blades back (no energy right now to share why I am getting rid of said roller blades, but it's a humorous story...actually I may have blogged about it already. I'll check my archives and link here if I did.)

4. San Francisco Bread Co. does not have as good iced mochas as Panera Bread Co.

5. Men's Warehouse requires more than an hour to press a man's suit (hence the trip for the iced mocha).

6. San Francisco Bread Co. does have free internet access (hence this blog post).

7. My little sister is moving to Washington state (Yay, Sara!!!!!!! She got the job she wanted.)

8. I have puny veins (I actually didn't learn this as a new fact today, but it was reinforced at the doctor's office).

9. The phlebotomist at my doctor's office thinks that I will definitely get pregnant (he gave no corroborating facts to support this opinion, but he seemed very positive about it).

10. Rich Mullins' music lifts my spirits no matter what (also not new information, but in case you are not familiar with his music, please do yourself a favor and check it out).

11. Nothing else. I just like the number 11 and wanted to end the post with this number.

15 May 2007

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

Then comes highly invasive infertility testing and painful medical procedures.

Well, I had my first appointment with a reproductive specialist (an RE or Reproductive Endocrinologist, for those of you who are still deluded into thinking that babies come from having sex...silly, silly you). There were no earth-shattering "AH-HA!!" moments. (D'oh! We should have taken the CONDOM OFF!) Next step: blood tests and surgery for me to poke around in there and figure out what the heck is going on. And, yes, I do want to stomp my feet like a 2 year-old and scream that it's not fair. But God has blessed me so much in so many other areas of my life (see Post Title). So I'm not stomping. I'm not screaming. I'm praying and looking forward to hopefully having some answers.

On a side note: The King of Queens had their series finale, and that is NOT how International Adoption from China works. At all. AT ALL. But I shouldn't be surprised. When they covered infertility testing on the show, Doug and Carrie (a) dropped by the doctor's office on their way to the airport and (b) the doctor said that everything was fine. Ahh, just like our appointment.

On an even further side note: Had a great garage sale last Saturday. I feel 10 pounds lighter, and that is a WHOLE LOT of stuff that we don't have to move. Yay!