25 May 2007

time well spent

This morning, a box turtle spent the better part of half an hour crossing our backyard, and I spent the better part of half an hour watching him (rather than doing what I should have been doing...packing. Oh, how I wish I were a box turtle and could carry everything I needed around on my back.)

So anyway, he made it all the way across the yard, and I began to grow worried because he made it to the border of our yard, but there's a 4 foot drop-off to the woods. So I ran outside and picked him up (I had to find him...he went to hide under a pokeberry bush when he saw me coming), and I lowered him down the drop-off. Actually, when he saw me coming, he tried to throw himself over the edge before hiding under the pokeberry bush. Very sad. That turtle preferred certain injury over my help. Hmphh.

On a hippity, hoppity, hap-hap-happy note, my husband is coming back from China in a few hours. My goodness, I've missed that man. AND he's bringing me back presents.

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