16 May 2007

New Things I Have Learned Today

1. Moving to a one-bedroom apartment temporarily after living in a much-too-big-for-us house is very freeing.

2. Carrying our (too many) possessions up two flights of stairs is not so much freeing as horrid.

3. Play It Again Sports does not buy used roller blades back (no energy right now to share why I am getting rid of said roller blades, but it's a humorous story...actually I may have blogged about it already. I'll check my archives and link here if I did.)

4. San Francisco Bread Co. does not have as good iced mochas as Panera Bread Co.

5. Men's Warehouse requires more than an hour to press a man's suit (hence the trip for the iced mocha).

6. San Francisco Bread Co. does have free internet access (hence this blog post).

7. My little sister is moving to Washington state (Yay, Sara!!!!!!! She got the job she wanted.)

8. I have puny veins (I actually didn't learn this as a new fact today, but it was reinforced at the doctor's office).

9. The phlebotomist at my doctor's office thinks that I will definitely get pregnant (he gave no corroborating facts to support this opinion, but he seemed very positive about it).

10. Rich Mullins' music lifts my spirits no matter what (also not new information, but in case you are not familiar with his music, please do yourself a favor and check it out).

11. Nothing else. I just like the number 11 and wanted to end the post with this number.