25 May 2007

2 pradas and a gucci


So Bill brought me back a veritable parade of gifts...that is what he called it on the car drive home from the airport, and I doubted him, but I was so wrong to doubt him. It was a cornucopia of gifts!!!!!

So the Gucci is the more suspect of the two brands of bags. Completely fabulous jacquard Gucci logo with pink trim, but yes, it is probably a knockoff--but a really good knockoff! But the Prada bags, oh the Prada bags. They actually have a better shot of being real since Prada had a factory literally right down the street in Shen Zhen (one black and sporty...adorable; the other is the logo jacquard with red trim...much like this, only tan with red trim:)

So anyway, welcome back, best-husband-ever, and thank you for knowing one of my biggest weaknesses and indulging it. :)

Oh, and he got me a chick flick and Season 1 of 30 Rock (wait a minute, that's not out on DVD yet...or is it?)

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