08 June 2007

shameless product promotion

And, no, I'm not getting paid for this. I just wanted to take a few moments to squeal like a girl about the makeup that I've been using for a few months. It's bareminerals from bare escentuals, and it's fabulous! I love how my skin feels with it on. I didn't even realize that I had sensitive skin until I started using it, and I stopped getting pimples. I. just. love. it.

I actually started using it after I realized that the first thing I wanted to do after putting on my previous (liquid but not really that heavy and from a good brand) makeup, was wash my hands. I thought about it, and I realized, if it feels so gross on my hands, why am I putting it on my face? So I switched to bareminerals, and love, love, love it.

And I'm creating converts. So come join us on the fabulous side of makeup. You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

Where does one purchase Bare Minerals?

Karen said...

sephora or qvc or online directly from bare escentuals.

Sharee Forman said...

Okay, so I guess I'm considered a blog stalker because I don't know you, but I found your blog through Jonna, who I go to church with. Anyway, I read your little ditty about Bare Minerals and I had to ask you about it! I've also wanted to switch over from the liquid foundation, but I have lots of freckles. How does this cover? Does it last long or rub off like powder? I'd love to hear how you like it! Thanks!!