02 March 2010


If you live in the Northwest Arkansas area, I wanted to point you over towards my friend Kristin's blog Another Gray Day.  She is helping out with a blanket/food drive for children in need in the area.  Spring Break can be a tough time for kids who depend on the school lunch program for meals.

Also, it's almost Rhea Lana time!  The sale starts this Thursday at the John Q. Hammonds Center in Rogers.  I am so excited!  I pretty much clothe the Pea with all Rhea Lana items, and I usually sell enough stuff on consignment to pay for at least half of his wardrobe.  Wa-hoo!

02 February 2010

Really, PETA?! Really?!?

I realize that (a) I haven't posted anything over here in quite a while, (b) I haven't posted a "Jumped the Shark" Friday bit in even longer, and (c) it's not even Friday.

But it is Groundhog Day.

So all I have to say is...come on, PETA!!  Are they serious?  They want to replace Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog with a robotic animal.  And as far as I can tell, they're not kidding.

Aside from the fact that Phil is one of the most spoiled little marmots on the planet (which he has earned), I'm just not sure I could get behind celebrating "Groundhog-like Cyborg Day".

Okay, I'm done ranting.

30 January 2010

I Really Want To Win This....

Really, really, really want.

Sunny is just so talented.  :)

07 January 2010

The Princess & The Pea

The Pea was having a very good time with his cousin at Christmas if you can't tell.

And, yes, I realize that they're blurry.  I think I may have accidentally switched the setting on my camera to something it shouldn't be on because when we first got the camera, it took wonderful pictures, but lately, they've all been blurry.  Of course, the Pea wasn't walking when I first got the camera.

31 December 2009

Happy New Year from Bill, me, and the Pea

May Your New Year Be Filled with Peace and Blessings!

28 October 2009

Oh, Come On!

What I've been trying to feed the Pea for dinner:  buttered corn

What you would THINK I've been trying to feed the Pea judging by his tongue-sticking-out-gagging-bleching theatrics:  poop-flavored poison pellets

20 October 2009

Quick Pea Pic

My friend Amy got this beautiful fall shot. I can't wait to see all her pictures! If you live in the area, she'll be doing photo sessions the afternoon of October 31st. Email me if you want details.