29 June 2006

Bambi 2000

Well, it's happened again. The deer are attacking. Sunny is in full-on panic mode. And this time, the situation is even more dire.

Two baby deer.

They were so cute! Frolicking and whatnot. I can only hope that if there were ever situation in which there was an ACTUAL threat (not the kind that has four spindly little legs and that you could knock over with a flick of the finger) that Sunny would be even more protective. Bear...cause for barking and growling. Prowler...snarl away. Baby deer...chill out.

I was a little upset that the deer's mommy (I can only assume they were twins) seemed to be nowhere to be found, but she was down the hill a little bit. Still giving them their space but at least letting them think that they were tough and independent.

26 June 2006

movie help

Bill and I went to go see 2 movies this week. As we normally go several months without seeing one, this was a pretty big deal. Plus, Superman is coming out this week, and we'll go see that as well, so 3 movies in 2 weeks is just huge.

Both of the movies that we saw featured an architect as one of the main characters: The Lake House and Click. We started to watch Cars, but it was much more "Nascar-y" than I was prepared for, so we switched over to Click. Fluffy but sweet with a good message. But Adam Sandler was at his Sandleriest. I don't think I could have taken one more fart joke.

Even though it got horrible reviews, I really liked the Lake House. Granted, I had been forewarned to go in expecting it to make absolutely no sense on the whole space-time continuum thing. But it was romantic. As we were leaving, Bill said, "Boy, I really took one for the team there." And it's true. Normally, I would never drag him to a movie like that, but I needed some TLC this week.

Then, going to bed last night, Bill asks, "How many T.V. shows or movies can you name with an architect as one of the main characters?"

My list thus far:
1. Lake House
2. Click
3. Brady Bunch
4. 3 Men & a Baby
5. Poseidon
6. the Towering Inferno
7. Return to Me
8. Sleepless in Seattle
9. Singles
10. Star Wars (sigh...I guess technically that got me to 10)

Any more?

19 June 2006

You be the Judge

Funny or not Funny?

Bill wanted me to post this joke that he told in Canada (more than once) because he is still laughing about it. I'm still like, "ehhh."

Bill: "Boy, we haven't seen too many policemen here on PEI."

Me: "No, I don't think I've seen one."

Bill: "Well, I wouldn't be worried about getting pulled over even if there were tons of them."

Karen: "????"

Bill: "Those Canadian Mounties couldn't catch me on their horses anyway!"

I vote not funny.

Bill is again looking at PEI real estate. In Summerside. One can dream.

On a completely unrelated note:
I saw a preview for a T.V. show that made me want to upgrade to extended cable to get Animal Planet. Meerkat Manor--I hope that it comes out on DVD soon. First of all, I've been in love with meerkats ever since visiting the Minnesota State Zoo. Second, just in the 5 minute preview, I found myself getting all worked up over the meerkat pups whose evil and stupid uncle pulled them out of their safe hole while their grandmother was gone, and when the grandmother got back, she was SO MAD. It was just like Peyton's Place. But with meerkats.

12 June 2006

O, Canada!

Well, I just got back from Canada. Here are some of the pictures.

Prince Edward Island was just BEAUTIFUL! It was calm and quiet and GREEN (oh, the green). All the island is covered in this thick perfectly green grass and red dirt. Not like ugly construction clay that we have here. It's a deep red. The pictures don't do it justice. Although, I do like the one with me starting down the path into the scary Haunted Wood behind Green Gables....oooh!

Here is a list of differences in Canada (or at least PEI) that I noticed during our short stay:

In Canada, they don't give you much ice in your drink, unless you ask for "extra ice" and even then, it's about half of what I'd normally get in a restaurant here.

In Canada, the movies are really expensive ($10, but Canadian, so about $9 American).

In Canada, there are coins for $1 and $2. I understand the $1 "loony" (as they call it), but why $2?

In Canada, the speed limit is posted in kilometers. My husband had some occasional problems with obeying said speed limits, but as we'd often go 10 miles without seeing another car, it wasn't that big of a deal, ehh?

In Canada (or perhaps just PEI) , almost every restaurant serves Pepsi. Blehh. But all the soft drinks came in glass bottles in the store.

In Canada, most of the sinks were stainless steel.

In Canada, "Smarties" (the candy) are chocolate (kind of like M & M's), and there are no M & M's to be found. Also, the Kit-Kat's are different. Don't ask me how. They're just different.

In Canada, on some of the local TV stations, people will just switch back and forth between English and French (and ALL the signs were in both English and French). Very fun.

And funny moment of the trip: Pulling into a gas station to fill up the rental car, I saw the sign that said $1.10, and I said, "DANG, gas is cheap here!" Then, after filling up the car and realizing it was $1.10/liter and not $1.10/gallon, I had to change my comment to, "DANG gas is expensive here."

Interesting things that happened/that I learned on my visit to PEI:
-My husband is able to fly a kite higher than anyone I've ever met before. He must have had that kite up almost 1,000 feet over the ocean.

-The Japanese LOVE Anne of Green Gables. Prince Edward Island is a bit of a pilgrimage to "Anne's home" for many Japanese people. Anne of Green Gables became required reading in their schools after WWII to improve Canadian/Japanese relations.

-That beautiful purple wildflower in the picture at the top is called lupin, and they grow everywhere.

-People on PEI used to use ground up lobster as fertilizer. Not anymore, but Bill and I still ate it every night we were there. Most restaurants have their own lobster traps and harvest their own blue mussels (80% of which worldwide come from little PEI--the mussels, not the lobster).

06 June 2006

farewell, sweet goats

Well, apparently, the owner of the fields behind my office got rid of the goats. Every last one of them. They are going to be improving the fence then getting buffalos. That's right. Buffalos.

The conversation went a little like this:

Setting (my office, Karen looking perplexedly out her window looking for goats)

Co-worker: Hey, did you know that they got rid of the goats?

Karen: Really?

Co-worker: Yep.

Karen: All of them?

Co-worker: Yeah.

Karen: Even Kicky?

Co-worker: You NAMED them?

Karen: (little nod)

Co-worker: Well, they're getting buffalos instead. Those should be cool to look at.

Karen: Not the same.

02 June 2006

My Husband the Squirrel

Just when I thought that I was getting a lot better with the hypnogogic hallucinations, I had a doozy. Last night, I very vividly felt a squirrel run onto my pillow, and I (rather ferociously) pushed it away from me. I then turned on the light, realized I was not even on the side of the bed that I thought I was on, had a rare moment of lucidity where I told myself it was a HH, and rolled right over and went to sleep.

I called my husband at work this morning to apologize for the squirrel bludgeoning. Thankfully, he rarely remembers anything the first few minutes after waking, especially in the middle of the night.