19 June 2006

You be the Judge

Funny or not Funny?

Bill wanted me to post this joke that he told in Canada (more than once) because he is still laughing about it. I'm still like, "ehhh."

Bill: "Boy, we haven't seen too many policemen here on PEI."

Me: "No, I don't think I've seen one."

Bill: "Well, I wouldn't be worried about getting pulled over even if there were tons of them."

Karen: "????"

Bill: "Those Canadian Mounties couldn't catch me on their horses anyway!"

I vote not funny.

Bill is again looking at PEI real estate. In Summerside. One can dream.

On a completely unrelated note:
I saw a preview for a T.V. show that made me want to upgrade to extended cable to get Animal Planet. Meerkat Manor--I hope that it comes out on DVD soon. First of all, I've been in love with meerkats ever since visiting the Minnesota State Zoo. Second, just in the 5 minute preview, I found myself getting all worked up over the meerkat pups whose evil and stupid uncle pulled them out of their safe hole while their grandmother was gone, and when the grandmother got back, she was SO MAD. It was just like Peyton's Place. But with meerkats.


Hillary said...


Nope, them mounties come out of thier igloos and ride around in real cars in the summertime. It's dogsleds in the winter, and they can outrun any car! ;) ;) ;)


Actually, my dad and I (read: my DAD) got a speeding ticket on PEI. We were rushing to get to our teensy weennsy hotel for dinner before the kitchen closed. I kept telling him to slow down, but did he listen? Nooooo. I found out two years later that he never did tell my mom. Unfortunately I found out he didn't tell her when I said somehting like, "Yeah, jsut like when you got that ticket in PEI that you still haven't paid!" My mom was like, "WHAT ticket, dear?


Superchikk said...

You're right. Not funny.

I too have seen that little 5-minute preview for Meerkat Manor (I think it was at X3). I've tried to watch it, but the one time I found it Husband thought it was kinda dumb, and I haven't been able to catch it again.

sarah j. said...

not funny.....sorry bill....

Ellen said...


Shelli said...

On a scale of 1-10...10 being "split your pants on a ride at Silver Dollar City" funny and 1 being "are you special Ed, and thats why YOU think its funny?" funny...I would say its a 3.

APK said...

Nobody has any taste for good comedy. I leave you with, "How do you spell I-Cup" out loud? hehehe

Kat said...

bill...you're haha-larious, really...no, really...

you should look down your shirt and spell ATTIC out loud...that should be a side splitter for you...

And Superchikk, I HATE THAT! When I want to see a show pretty bad or like it and my hubby feels differently...do I get to watch it?? NO. But we do watch History Channel ALL the time :P At least I'm a SAHM and when the kids aren't watching cartoons...I might get in a show during the day.

Sara said...

My roommate and I have decided that the phrase "But with Meerkats" should be the new fortune cookie add-on (you know, like "in bed").

There are trying times ahead...but with meerkats.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade....but with meerkats.

Try it. It really works.

queen bethany said...

Uh...pretty lame. My favorite Canadian joke? Thanks for asking!

When they named Canada, they just put all the letters of the alphabet in a bag and then drew them out. The guy announcing read them off: "C, eh? N, eh? D, eh?"

I lived in Ottawa for a couple of years and when I shared this (admittedly lame) joke with some Canadian friends they were polite enough to chuckle. But I have to add that after a while, I started using "Eh?" when speaking. It's actually a handy interjection, and doesn't sound as stupid as "Huh?" at the end of a sentence.

Whoa, way off-topic there. Sorry about that. :-)