29 June 2006

Bambi 2000

Well, it's happened again. The deer are attacking. Sunny is in full-on panic mode. And this time, the situation is even more dire.

Two baby deer.

They were so cute! Frolicking and whatnot. I can only hope that if there were ever situation in which there was an ACTUAL threat (not the kind that has four spindly little legs and that you could knock over with a flick of the finger) that Sunny would be even more protective. Bear...cause for barking and growling. Prowler...snarl away. Baby deer...chill out.

I was a little upset that the deer's mommy (I can only assume they were twins) seemed to be nowhere to be found, but she was down the hill a little bit. Still giving them their space but at least letting them think that they were tough and independent.


Shelli said...

Sunny this ...blah blah blah ...Sunny that...blah blah blah.


Ok, go buy a "salt lick" so that they can come and play ALL the time. Go...go now!

Karen said...

would a salt lick keep them from eating the grass? because that is getting really, really annoying.

the really fun thing is that there are TWO baby deer in the yard! i've never seen two babies the same age before.

Kat said...

aww...we used to have deer skipping through our yard. Now, to close to the city I guess.