06 June 2006

farewell, sweet goats

Well, apparently, the owner of the fields behind my office got rid of the goats. Every last one of them. They are going to be improving the fence then getting buffalos. That's right. Buffalos.

The conversation went a little like this:

Setting (my office, Karen looking perplexedly out her window looking for goats)

Co-worker: Hey, did you know that they got rid of the goats?

Karen: Really?

Co-worker: Yep.

Karen: All of them?

Co-worker: Yeah.

Karen: Even Kicky?

Co-worker: You NAMED them?

Karen: (little nod)

Co-worker: Well, they're getting buffalos instead. Those should be cool to look at.

Karen: Not the same.


Hillary said...

Not so much of a comedy show with the buffalo. Though on a band trip (um, this one time, at band camp...) the director had to turn the whole band around coause we were staring past him at the buffalo pen out the widnow. Serves him right for taking us to a dude ranch. :)

Bye bye Kicky!

Kat said...

Ooo,Ooo, do we get to name them??