02 June 2006

My Husband the Squirrel

Just when I thought that I was getting a lot better with the hypnogogic hallucinations, I had a doozy. Last night, I very vividly felt a squirrel run onto my pillow, and I (rather ferociously) pushed it away from me. I then turned on the light, realized I was not even on the side of the bed that I thought I was on, had a rare moment of lucidity where I told myself it was a HH, and rolled right over and went to sleep.

I called my husband at work this morning to apologize for the squirrel bludgeoning. Thankfully, he rarely remembers anything the first few minutes after waking, especially in the middle of the night.

1 comment:

Kat said...

HA! Your husband's favorite way to wake up? WITHOUT a black eye b/c his wife "(rather ferociously)pushed (the squirrel) away"

Great story...my husband does that all the time, but doesn't remember anything in the morning. Usually, he's in combat at war, I think. He's not in the military, but he's always wanted to join.

Scared me to death just the other night...he woke up yelling, "Who's there? What's that noise?" AAUGHH! Scary. The next morning he didn't remember much of it...turning on the light and falling back to sleep. Leaving me to get up and turn off the light again, once I caught my breath :P