02 July 2003

I was very nearly in a car accident last night. And it wasn't one of those close-calls where, as I slam on my brakes to keep from rear-ending the car in front of me, I can visualize my car being out of commission for a month and my deductible going up. It was one of those near-misses that, as I swerved and screamed as the guy ran the red light and almost smashed into my door, I could visualize myself in the hospital or dead. Usually, I'm pretty quick on the horn, but as I slowed to 30 mph for a minute or so on the highway (not safe, I know), I only managed a rather weak and pointless little toot-toot once the man was a good mile in the other direction.

But I was not in a car accident last night. Instead, I received a firm reminder that God is in control, not me.