08 July 2006

There and Back Again

Bill and I drove to Atlanta for the 4th of July to see his family (actually, we weren't there for the actual 4th--we were driving back in a tired stupor).

While there, we went to White Water, where a good time was had by all. Both Bill and his sister had worked there as teenagers (and when I say teenagers, I mean barely teenagers--Bill had just turned 14, and apparently White Water got busted for child labor practices back in the 90's). He flipped hamburgers at Smokey's Lunch Box where we ate for lunch. Apparently, he had to go in for an official interview and everything. When he left, he sent in a very courteous resignation letter thanking them for "a wonderful first job for someone to begin with in the working world."

This is why I love my husband.

Our nephew is cool. He's cute and funny and obedient, but still all boy. He's on my list. And he knows my name now (along with every single vehicle friend from Thomas the Tank Engine--he can even tell the twin engines "Ben" and "Bill" apart. Apparently, they have slightly different facial expressions.)

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