23 August 2006

(hair) club for men

I thought my readership (hi, all of you--shelli, sarah, kat, sara, mel, and ellen!)would enjoy this business card that I found in Bill's car cupholder. Normally, he goes to a place called "The Clipper", and it's precisely what you would imagine. Two middle-aged guys, a semi-nautical theme (basically, their wives came and hung up some pictures of ships and mermaids). But apparently, Bill didn't like that they would never cut his hair close enough. My conspiracy theorist husband claims that they would intentionally leave his hair a little long so he'd have to come back every 2 weeks rather than every 3 weeks. (Apparently, Sports Clips is the absolute worst about this) So he decided to try some different places.

Enter the Gentleman's Razor (and trust me, the picture does not do the card justice. It's like textured gold lamee! With her name handwritten on the back to boot.) When I found the card in his cupholder, I was like, "Ahem...is there something you need to tell me? Just what are they shining?" And then we both burst out laughing. I'm thankful that card's not something I have to worry about for real. But seriously, G's Razor folks, get a better business card! To their defense, he got a good close cut. But that was only after lying about the length of time that it's been since his last haircut. So now, when he goes back, they'll know that his hair doesn't grow that quickly, and they'll not cut it as close. This, according to my conspiracy theorist husband.


Kat said...

That's horrible...he shouldn't be allowed to go back no matter how well they cut his hair or shine his shoes!! If he wants it short, he just needs to find some old army guy...they'll cut it short.

Shelli said...

Grrrrrrr baby!