07 January 2009

It's a Small, Small World

Okay, I'm going to have to get over my obsession with my sitemeter, looking at locations of people who've read my blog.  But, c'mon!  How cool is it that I had people reading my blog from Finland, Israel, and Italy yesterday??  And while my Finnish knowledge is a bit limited (so, so sadly to pretty much what I've learned watching Conan O'Brien's educational snippets from his trip to Finland to meet with President Halonen to whom he has a surprising resemblance...see below), hyvää päivää  to you!

Also, dang American squirrels!  They really are quite aggressive.  I wanted to petition to have our college mascot changed to "The Fighting Squirrels" because the squirrels on campus were so mean and belligerent.

ETA:  Heavens to Betsy--my international readership has grown immensely in just the last few hours.  My U.S. readers are down to 79%.  I'm going to need to give a shout-out in every native language.  I'm just like that.  Here we go:
To my Finnish reader(s?), hyvää päivää.  To my Malaysian friends, selamat tengah hari.  For those from Israel, Shalom.  Hola, those from Chile, Spain, or Venezuela (apologies if I messed it up in your dialect).  Ciao, my Italian friends (my older sister actually lived in Florence for a year).  Szia, to those of you from Hungary.  Grüß Gott, my Austrian friends.  Hmmm...India...tricky...I think that this might be my cousin and his wife or one of my friends who lives in India, so I'm just going to say "hi".  And the same to my Canadian and UK readership.

And now the Pea is awake.

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