29 January 2009

Shark Jumpin' Friday

Okay...public health and safety has officially jumped the shark when ferret poop is declared an "effective weapon against drug abuse". I should clarify that I called the pharmacist yesterday to ask about safely disposing of some old pills because I know you're not supposed to flush them anymore, and he said to put old coffee grounds in the container with them and just toss it. So I thought...hmmm, perhaps the acidity of the grounds dissolves the pills. I googled it. Nope. It's just gross. That's the point.

But then, I thought about it, and children are not deterred from gross things like coffee grounds or ferret poop. Quite the opposite. Many children (boys in particular) are drawn to said gross objects. So I'm wondering if maybe Coke would dissolve the pills. It dissolves nails overnight.

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