12 January 2009

The Great Equalizer

-You may co-sleep or your child may have been in a crib from day one.

-You may send your kid to public school, private school, home school, or you may have apprenticed him out to a shoemaker.

-You may be a member of La Leche League or you may have a love-hate relationship with your bottle sterilizer.

-You may feed on demand or you may have been working on getting your child on a schedule in the hospital.

-You may have had an oopsie or you may have struggled with years of infertility.

-You may have been at your child's birth or you may have travelled to the other side of the world to first see your child's smile.

-Your child may know every song ever sung and danced to on the Backyardigans or you may not own a toy that doesn't have the Mensa stamp-of-approval.

-Your child may be in jammies from Wal-Mart, Baby Gap, or Nordstrom when it happens...

But as I discovered this morning, every woman earns her mom stripes with her first blow-out diaper.  (Although, after this morning, I must say...Praise God for sleep sacks and giving me a strong stomach!)


sara said...

I remember when avery was a year old and threw up all over himself and his crib. As I was pouring water over him in the bathtub, I thought, I am now officially a mom. :)

Karen said...

Yeah, there's just a difference between the "mommy" moments (the smiles! the coos! the giggles!) and the "mom" moments (the puke! the poop! the snot!)

cochran_ja said...

Cade had a blowout the other day...we are potty training and he "holds it" until nap time when he has a diaper on. Well, after 2 days of holding it, it happened. Boy I thought I was way past the days of poop on all his clothes, all over the bed, all over the wall, in his hair...need i say more? Praise God we were at my moms house using her crib! Wouldn't trade it for anything! I just love knowing I have truly earned my "mommy" title.
Miss ya guys!