02 January 2009

Shark Jumpin' Friday

Oh, no no no. Phantom of the Opera is poised to jump the shark...big time. Some might argue that Gerard Butler was riding that motorcycle with Emmy Rossum in a sidecar when it jumped. But, no, I'd have to say it's going to jump over Coney Island.

And so I give you a little song my husband wrote to commemorate the occasion, sung to the tune of "That's All I Ask of You":

No more talk of nachos

Forget your wild-eyed beans

I'm here...nothing will harm you

These rides will twist and turn you

Let me buy you soft drinks

Let me dry your spills

You're safe...each ride's inspected

From "The Rocket" to "Satan's Rejected"

Then saaaaaaaaaaaaay you'll ride with me

You're at least forty inches

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeet me hold your purse and sun-glasses......

Share each picture with me...snapped on each ride

That's all I ask of you.


Anonymous said...

Is Andrew Lloyd Webber absolutely NUTS??????????????????

This sounds terrible... NAY...repulsive.

I just puked thinking about it.

Boo Hissy ALW...BOO HISSY!!!

Karen said...

excellent, excellent, excellent use of the phrase "boo hissy".