23 January 2009

Shark Jumpin' Friday


Okay, this post has been brewin' in the old noggin for quite a while now. I need to address the Twilight shark jump issue. I realize that most of my readers are probably not Twilight fans (and let me clarify that I consider myself a lolfan as, yes, I do recognize the complete and utter WRONGNESS of the whole "high school girl falls for vegetarian, mind-reading, slightly controlling vampire and wants to join his uber-cool family by becoming a vampire herself to the chagrin of her werewolf best friend" plot. But, oh, the sparkling and the fursploding, and yeah, I pretty much think Cleolinda's recaps of the books are as good, nay, better than the actual Twilight series).

Which is why my jaw dropped in horror when I saw that Dakota Fanning is in talks to play a minor (but key) character in the upcoming New Moon movie. All I can do is just shake my head and say, "no, no, no." I don't know what it is that irks me about that chick, but I just don't like her acting. I guess that I'm just bothered by all those child actors that are 12 going on 27. And I always cringe when the younger sibling gets in on the game because that just seems like a huge red flag that mommy and daddy are obsessed with fame.

But it got me thinking about the EW review of Breaking Dawn (the final book). ***spoiler alert if you haven't read it yet and think you may at some point*** The reviewer wrote the following..."And it's when Bella, suffering from morning sickness and gestating a vampire, starts vomiting 'a fountain' of blood, that Meyer jumps the shark." Really, EW reviewer? Really?? Not when the teenage girl fell for the sparkly, gorgeous, mind-reading, controlling, vegetarian vampire much to the chagrin of her hunky, brooding, equally controlling werewolf best friend? Because women actually do vomit in labor. But I don't know any who are in love with vampires.

It just really reminded me of the time in college when I was watching "Face/Off" with a group of friends (a movie about people removing and switching their faces and bodies), and during a scene at the end, one of them falls off the side of a boat, grabs a chain hanging off said boat and starts to barefoot waterski alongside the boat. My friend Chris scoffed and said, "Now THAT couldn't happen". Body switching? Sure! Barefoot waterskiing? NEVER!


Sara said...

I actually like the idea of Kristen Chenoweth. But, though I think I know WAY too much about celebrities and pop culture, I hope it is someone I don't know. Every casting suggestion that fans have for Twilight is limited to other obsession-themed pop culture. "Edward should be the guy from Smallville" or "Aro should be the guy from Lord of the Rings".

Then again, I suppose it actually doesn't affect my life in any way and it is ridiculous that I could spend any time having an opinion about it.

As for the Breaking Dawn shark-jumping, I think that a series can have a moment that can't be topped, as long as it doesn't keep going after that. Really, all that was left was the Book 3: "Happily every after" ... as a vampire. Yeah, there was the intellectual battle scene left, but I think even that was part of the "happily ever after". "I can even fight my own battles now ...and better than anyone else".

That being said, if anything jumped the shark, it was not the pregnancy, but the imprinting on the 3-minute old baby.

Megan said...

I was there for that Face/Off moment! Good times!

Karen said...

Sara--Yeah, I'll agree with the imprinting jump.

Megan--I actually remember where I was sitting at that moment because it was such a "Wha-??"