24 January 2009

Random Cravings

So this is odd, but I am currently (like, for the last week or so) experiencing this overwhelming craving for brown sugar.  What on earth?  It reminded me of making cookies growing up--my dad always used to wander in and "help" by picking the lumps out of the brown sugar bag.  I was probably 12 before I realized that he just likes eating brown sugar.  So at least I know where I get it.

Why...why can't I crave something like broccoli or carrots?  Though, to be fair, when I first got pregnant, I craved brussels sprouts.

I'm curious...what random things do you find yourself occasionally craving?


jaime said...

i get the brussel sprout craving at least twice a year. i love them! last week, i even had them for breakfast.

my go-to craving is something warm, gooey & chocolatey with a cold glass of milk. delicious!

Karen said...

Yeah, I don't even count chocolate as a craving because that's just kind of a constant, low-grade thing.

Brussel sprouts are actually the one food that I had a "battle of the wills/sit at the dinner table until bedtime" throwndown with my parents. And cold brussel sprouts? yuck!

Sara said...

Sushi, sushi, sushi. There are some times that I can't even think of any other food. The longer I go craving it, the more serious of sushi I need (I could be satiated by a california roll or even a cucumber roll at the beginning, as time goes on, I need raw fish and eel).

Karen said...