30 January 2009

A Peek Into My Bedtime Routine

Time/Setting--last night, later than I should have been up, bathroom vanity

Me (staring intently in the bathroom mirror at my nose, moving head slowly from side to side): [silence of intense staring]

Bill (walks in, sees me staring intently at my nose): Ummm, hey, what are you doing?

Me: Staring at my nose. Is it sparkling?

Bill (sensing a possible trap): Is it...what?

Me: Sparkling. I think it's sparkling.

Bill (looking intently at my nose): I...yes. Actually, it is.

Me: ???

Bill: I think it's glitter. Were you touching something with glitter today?

Me: ??? no.

Yeah, I've thought it through, and I've got nothing. It did remind me of the time when Bill and I were dating, and I asked him if I had something on my face. Without skipping a beat, he replied, "Only beauty." See, that's why I love my snarky husband. That, and he isn't bothered by my inherent sparkliness.

Oh, ALSO, if this comes to fruition, I won't have words to express my joy. But I will have a dance to express it, and it will be Corky St. Clair's (a dance which my roommate Jenny and I perfected in grad school)...and it will probably involve a stool.


Sara said...

So you ... sparkle? Like, your nose is in sparklevision? You are just asking for it, but has your nose been bitten by any angst-ridden bipolar vampires lately?

Karen said...

Only Vinny.

sara said...

You are a strange girl. And that is why I like you.

And I L-O-V-E Corky St. Clair. He has brought much joy to my life. I cannot count how many times I have quoted, "I hate you and your a** face." He is awesome.