11 May 2006

kicky 'n' the gang

I just moved office spaces a few weeks ago, and now, my office has a huge window in the back (as huge as the window can be in a teeny little office) that overlooks a sheep & goat pasture. The sheep are all right, kind of ratty and stick to themselves, but I love the goats--especially the babies. I have named them (the above picture is not one of the actual goats, but is a good likeness):

Kicky--the ringleader; the others tend to mimic and follow him; seems to be a bit on the serious side for a goat.

Mr. Adventure--favorite activity is climbing to the top of the little barn and jumping off, usually followed closely by...

Runty--tiny brown goat that likes to run. and run. and run. He seems to be the most random in his likes and dislikes. Likes: little runty-sized oak tree to eat and running. Dislikes: being alone.

Little Jack Black--very laidback; spends much of day gazing off into distance wistfully (much like me).

Hornsby--so-named because he already has little nubs of horns sticking out; he is the outsider...I think the others are jealous and/or scared of him.

Runty is my favorite.


anne said...

That is so fun! I love baby goats.

You are never going to get work done now! : )

Ellen said...

I think you should name your future children after the goats.

Hillary said...

Hee hee... my only memory of baby goats is from going to the little farm for a feilt trip and one chewed a hole through my mom's purse!

I have a few students who sound kinda like Runty.

Shelli said...


Sara said...

Oh, poor Hornsby, so misunderstood. He can't help it if he's an early bloomer. Maybe he's a poetic soul but the other goats just can't see through that brutish exterior.

Kat said...

I think I most relate to Runty. I always feel like I'm running, running, and running. If anyone is doing anything, count me in! I like eating...not oak trees, but just about anything else.