01 May 2006

Hello, goodbye.

Well, I left for a few days for a conference and came back to a Joaquin firestorm...instigated entirely by my sister and one of my partners in crime...but a firestorm nonetheless.

Joaquin is a good actor, an attractive man, possibly a decrepit person (who knows?), and we're all in desperate need of God's grace. There.

I'm happy to be home, but I've been in a grand funk (as my best friend's mom always used to say) lately...if you couldn't already tell. And dang it if this grand funk isn't keeping me from enjoying friends, normal activities, etc. Now, I'm not oblivious, and I know what my readership (all 5 of you) is probably thinking right now. Hmmm, could that grand funk's name be "depression"?? And yes, that's part of it, but it all seems to be tied to one small part of my life that has turned HUGE, so I've decided that that one small/HUGE part must be removed, and right now, that removal makes me sad, thus feeding that greedy little funk for the present. But it must be done to bring the parts that have a rightful spot in the "enormous" category back to their rightful spots.

In so doing, I bid the following adieu:
-waking & worrying
-crying over things that are not sad, just overwhelming
-saying "no" to activities that I want to say "yes" to because I can't be counted on

And welcome the following:
-waking up and cuddling with my husband
-laughing with my friends over a good dinner
-saying "no" to activities that I do want to say "no" to


Kat said...

Don't worry yourself over the "firestorm", I'm used to it...my hubby thinks he's ALWAYS right too (of course we know better).

Saying "no" to things you want to do, or even don't want to do, is very hard...good luck with that!

Maybe it'll get better now that summer is knocking...

Shelli said...

Yipee Skippee!!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember to bring your "ear muffs" with you EVERYWHERE you go so that you are not influenced to do things you don't want to do.

Karen said...

i declare this "the summer of karen"!!

Shelli said...

Go around yelling "serenity now" like the Summer of George.