05 May 2006

high on LIFE!

So I never thought about the implications that the name of my blog could have regarding meth until my sister pointed it out on in her blog a few weeks ago. Sudafed is indeed a way of life for me, but it's because of allergies, not a sordid drug addiction. Just to clear that up.

So I'm going to Prince Edward Island. Yahoo!!!! I've always dreamed of going there since I was a little girl reading "Anne of Green Gables", but in doing research, the whole island should prove to be just beautiful! We'll be staying in an Inn on the ocean and I am just counting down the seconds! And yes, I realize that it's probably cheesy, but I DON'T CARE!! I'm going to say things like, "I don't want diamond sunbursts or marble halls...I just want you!" And people will stare at me as if I'm crazy, and again, I DON'T CARE! It's too bad the bridge isn't actually there on PEI, or I'd make Bill re-enact the whole scene with me.


Shelli said...


NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I dare you to put on a really big flowing dress and float in the water like Anne did to mimick that painting! DO IT!!!!!

Shelli said...

...and anyone that is anyone would realize that you are a super funny girl mocking "Desperately Seeking Susan" with Rozanna Arquett and Madonna. I mean come on? Duh!

...or are you?

Hillary said...

WOOHOO! I LOVE PEI. My dad and I went there for a few days on a trip around the Maritime provinces back in 2001. It's sooo beautiful. You will have an amazing time! Where are you flying in to?

Oh, I'm so jealous! I wanna go back!

Karen said...

We're flying into Charlottetown...I'm very much braced for a teeny-weeny airport. :)

I'm just so excited. Yee hee!