30 June 2009

There's a Post a Brewin'

I'm curious what other people's writing styles are.  When I write anything (a blog post, a story, a letter, an anything), I mentally write it out in my head several times before I ever commit it to paper (or cyberspace).  Then, I air-type it (much as I air-type dialogue in a movie if I'm bored with it).  Then, I actually sit down and write it out or type it.

This is actually the first post I've written in a long time where I sat down and just started writing.  Hence, it's pretty dull.  Sorry about that.  But I really am curious about other people...do you just sit down and start writing or do you think the wording out beforehand?


Ashley said...

Hmmm. That is an interesting discussion. I usually just sit down and pull up my pictures, then I use my pictures to prompt what I write. Sometimes I do think about a comment, a title, or a theme, while I'm taking the pictures or planning the blog post. Most of the time, however, I just sit down and write. (That's probably why yours are typically more creative and clever than mine!) Ummm, I NEVER "air type" it beforehand, or anything else for that matter. ;)

Karen said...

Hmmm...I'd peg you for a visual person. I'm pretty visual/kinesthetic (makes sense with the typing thing).

And that's not true about the creative thing. I just think I'm more random. :)

Ashley said...

I definitely am a visual person, which is probably why it is easiest for me to organize my blog posts using pictures. I'm very kinesthetic when it comes to things like dancing (and I do need a mirror to "visualize" what my body is doing), but not so much with words.

Speaking of dancing in front of a mirror, I tried to take my dance class a few months ago. It was the strangest out of body experience! I felt like my body was doing one thing, but it looked so different in the mirror while attempting to do it 5 months pregnant!!! Bizarre! It decided I better take a break for a while (especially when I almost fainted in the bathroom afterwards).

Karen said...

Okay, I would have paid good money to see a 5 months pregnant Ashley take a dance class. ;)

(and FYI, that's what happens anytime I attempt to dance...I should hunt down my 3rd grade ballet class pictures...they're hilarious! Every girl in the class is looking forward in this perfect little pointe pose, and I'm hunched over with a confused look on my face staring at the other girls. Very sad.)