02 June 2009

Encyclopedia Brown Cracks the Case

Fussy?  Check.
Refusing to eat?  Check.
Disturbed sleep?  Check.
Cranky wake-ups?  Check.
All-around plechiness?  Oh...check.

Bugs Meany pinching my son when I'm not looking?  No.  But there is a little razor sharp white something peeking out of his gums...


sara said...

Oh poor buddy, those are so painful!

Karen said...

Seriously...they're like little velociraptor teeth!

Slinkard Family said...

Sophia is now on number nine! There are currently two molars in the mix, which were not easy, let me tell you. Hopefully the Pea will join the ranks of the non-toothless soon!

Karen said...

They broke through Monday afternoon.

I've heard that the incisors are horrible, too. :(