03 June 2009

The Noodle Stops Here

It's interesting to me just exactly where the Pea has decided to draw the line food-wise.

Things that I would be...hesitant to put in my mouth, he loves.  Pureed brussels sprouts?  Faboo.  Mushed up cauliflower?  He sends his compliments to the chef.  Plain yogurt straight off a spoon.  More please.

Pasta with melted ricotta cheese?  Nnnn.  Nnnnnnn.  Nnn. (You'll just have to envision the Pea with his lips pursed, shaking his head from side to side giving me the stink eye.)

Now, I'm not a huge ricotta cheese fan.  I could kind of take it or leave it.  I prefer cottage cheese in my lasagna.  But the Pea acts like it is a foul substance created by evil minions to slowly poison him.

And avocados.  He hates avocadoes.  HOW can he hate avocadoes??

At least I've discovered that if you mix bananas in, he will eat anything.

1 comment:

Shelli said...

my son only ate peas with sage and sweet potatoes with cinnomon. Gotta love kids. :) thx for visiting me - love your blog :)