04 June 2009

It Starts Early

What is it with boys and technology?  The Pea is currently eschewing colorful blocks with boingy things inside, a light up ball with sing-along songs and the always-popular dog's collar in a furious attempt to reach and click the computer mouse.

(FYI:  It took me approximately 5 minutes to type the above two sentences one-handed.  The Pea is now down for a nap....ahhh)

There is going to be one thing I miss this first summer of momhood (okay, other than sleep):  movies.  Bill and I are both big movie buffs.  In years past, we would go to every summer blockbuster, sleeper hit, so-so matinee.  Everything.  Now, our movie schedule is limited to grandparent visits.  It's not even that we won't eventually see all the movies.  It's just that waiting in line at Redbox or Blockbuster isn't quite the same as munching popcorn and Coke in stadium seating.  We each have a list of a few non-negotiables this summer...must be seen in theater, preferrably in the first week of release.  Harry Potter, Star Trek (already pulled that one off), G.I. Joe (for Bill).  If I get really brave, I may attempt Up with the Pea.  Maybe.

First 2 of 3 teeth he's cut in the last 48 hours


Ashley said...

Wow! Look at those little teeth! They popped through fast--faster for me than you, I'm sure. :)

Ashley said...

Justus just saw the picture of Henry and said, "I like that baby! He lay down on his pillow. Was that funny that?"

Karen said...

I'm impressed with his observation skills.