24 June 2009

Jinx Launch Max Into Space

"Movie computer shenanigans" is a frequent topic of discussion with Bill and me.  Last night, we were watching "Eagle Eye" with Shia LeBeaghfff...cough (too lazy to go to IMDB to check the spelling).  About 2/3 of the way through, I turned to Bill and said, "Well, this is just about the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a long time."  It started off with Big Brother watching.  It ended with evil movie computer shenanigans.  I hate evil movie computer shenanigans.

Sometimes, evil movie computer shenanigans can be as simple as "Would you like to fire the conveniently located missiles now?  Yes/No?"  My personal fave is the "Would you like to copy all the files from the computer onto your (2 MB) floppy disk now?  Yes/No? [gentle whirring as the status bar moves just quickly enough to allow the protagonist to make a hairbreadth escape]".  This is not to be confused with the "Would you like to delete all the files on your computer now? Yes/No?" screen shot.  My husband recently had to copy all of our files when switching computers.  If only he'd had a movie computer, it wouldn't have taken him all night.

And we still lost a bunch of songs and pictures.

I think the reason that movie computer shenanigans bug me so much is that often they are stuck into an otherwise semi-plausible movie.  Like Space Camp.  Is a perky computer obsessed with Leaf (Joaquin) Phoenix's emotional well-being really the ONLY thing that the screenwriters could come up with to get the kids into space?  Really, Hollywood?  Really?!

Complete side note:  pic of the Pea (the second picture, he was thi-i-i-s close to tears.

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Amy Oliver said...

he is so handsome! i can't believe how big he is getting...where does the time go? post more pics!!

miss you - amy