19 June 2009

I Can't Believe I'm Actually Saying This...

But I kind of miss the early days of nursing the Pea.  Well, maybe not the very early days, but the pre-solids days.

I'm just terrible with food.  I feel like I've been faking it for the past however-many-years I've been feeding myself.  And then Bill.  And now the Pea.  It was nice to know those first few months that I was providing him the exact nutrition that he needed.  Now, I feel like I'm guessing.

I try to feed him lots of veggies and fruits, whole grains, yada yada yada.  But I find myself slipping into my same old "open up the fridge/cupboard and stare blankly for 5 minutes" pattern that I experience choosing foods for myself.  And there's this lowgrade, constant undercurrent of guilt (much like with  my own eating habits).  Is he eating too many Cheerios?  Am I ruining his speech development by letting him use a sippy cup (not very effectively at that) without a straw?  Should he still be eating this many purees?  Should I make more of my own baby food?

My mom has a refreshingly laissez-faire attitude.  Her opinion?  Keep a baby food grinder at the table and just put whatever I'm eating through that.  If he eats it, great.  If not, shovel some Gerber into him.

Apparently, no one ever told her that if you feed babies anything but homemade organic baby food, they'll explode into a fiery ball of nutritionally deficient pesticides.


Ashley said...

My mom did the exact same thing as your mom and somehow we all survived, too. Amazing. I have one of those little grinders if you'd like to borrow it.

Karen said...

I actually have one, and I use it occasionally. Henry is just super picky about texture (ha ha...much like his mom!)

Sara said...

I am trying to develop a similarly laid-back attitude about food and guilt. I read "In Defense of Food" and that's actually what I got out of it.

Nutritionalism (thinking of food as just a combination nutrients -vitamins and minerals and proteins and calories that can be reproduced and combined by man) is maybe not the way God wanted us to view the gift of food he gave us. God probably knew what he was doing when he combined things together, just as long as we don't go overboard on any of the REAL food, we should be ok.

If you coca-cola heads don't start mixing your soda in with his food, he should be fine; most definitely with the ground up meals. You have my permission to stop feeling guilty!