07 July 2004

My office is situated in the downstairs portion of a 2-story office building. The upstairs portion is inhabited by personable legal types (see previous post). I like the quietness, but I have one small gripe--the bathroom situation.

I have a fabulous bathroom downstairs. It’s spacious, private, and has a loud fan. Everything I could want in an office bathroom. Now, upstairs is a different story. There are 2 tiny bathrooms with no privacy and dubious locks. The result: everyone comes downstairs to poop. It’s like a poopery. And the one bad thing about the bathroom is that the toilet has a finnicky flush. If you don’t give the handle a little extra push after you've washed your hands (DON'T get me started on that), it runs and runs and makes a horrible “whooshy whooshy” noise.

And I realize there are serious problems in the world…and this isn’t one of them.

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