27 July 2004

I read a very disturbing article in Cosmo last night waiting to get my oil changed (for TWO HOURS) at Wal-mart. The two hours was probably God punishing me for reading Cosmo.

The article was a tell-all from a veteran flight attendant. Intrigues with the pilots and flight attendants. Horrible passengers. Motion sickness. And the sexual capers…oh, the sexual capers. She kept reiterating, “Do NOT use those complimentary blankets! Don’t even touch them!” And I won’t. It sickens me now to think how many of those blankets I’ve cuddled up in.

Driving to work this morning, I saw a woman screaming into her cell phone. She was visibly furious and had actually pulled the phone away from her head to yell louder. To me, there aren’t a lot of reasons to be screaming that early in the morning, but apparently, she’s discovered one of them.

That, or she’s just an angry person in general.

Random childhood memory: My dad was an eye doctor, and he used to save up the tops of medicine vials to give to my older sister and me to play tiddly-winks with.

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