05 July 2004

I'm back! Probably not permanently as I rarely stick to anything permanently. Key exceptions: school (stuck with that thick and thin and am finally done) and soon-to-be husband (at whose computer I am typing and whose house I am preparing to vacuum in a few minutes).

Reading my sister's blog is one of the highlights of my day. Evil chihuahuas, insane coworkers, opinionated movie reviews...you can't make this stuff up. My life and workplace are not quite as exciting. I am the only person in the office, although I do share building space with a law office. I've never been around lawyers before this, but I don't think that these lawyers are very representative of the field. For starters, all the employees tend to bring their small children to work with them. It's great fun. It can be boring in the office by myself during the day, but sometimes, small children will wander downstairs into my office. I give them candy and they have short conversations with me. One little 3 year-old that I particularly like (Jake) wandered out of his mother's office to talk to me while she was breastfeeding her baby. He was wearing a little cowboy get-up, and we were having a lovely little conversation until I asked him if he had a horse, and he said, "No. My mommy says I can't get one" and sulkily wandered off. It's a sinking feeling bringing up painful topics with 3 year-olds.

I've started wearing a pedometer everyday. I've read numerous articles that say that the average human should walk 10,000 steps/day. It's 2:00 in the afternoon. I've walked 1,651. I was very proud of myself yesterday--I took 7,003 steps. And the little walking instructional book (boggles my mind. lift foot, place heel down, roll remainder of foot against ground, repeat with other foot?) said to have a weekly goal of 70,000 steps rather than looking at failures throughout the week. So I just need to take approximately 32,000 steps today.

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