25 July 2004

Frustration, thy name is "making one's own wedding invitations".

oh, the horror. getting the margins right, finding the right paper, deciding on a design, making them look somewhat professional.

one of my previous roommate's once did this as a wedding gift for the bride. albeit, she is a graphic designer. and even she said that she wouldn't do it again.

what made me think i can do this?


Anonymous said...

You deserve a comment, you big hottie, you. - Mr. Husband-to-Be

elizabeth said...

i feel your pain. i too, went through the penny saving, agonizing task of designing and printing my own invitations. i got them finished about a week ago and after many temper tantrums i am finally happy with the end result. i would be happy to share my template with you, if you would like.

Karen said...

Liesl, I very much appreciate that. But I'm actually on to the cutting, glueing (don't ask), eyeletting stage.

Husband-to-be is worth it, though.