12 July 2004

i've changed the name of my blog back to "desperately seeking sudafed" from "the airing of the grievances". the reason for this is 2-fold:

1) fear of malicious seinfeld copyright infringement lawsuits
2) the fact that i was up last night until 5 a.m. with a splitting migraine-inducing sinus headache and truly do spend 90% of my life popping decongestants

it was a fun, fun weekend. i housesat for my fiance while he was in california for a friend's wedding, and my best friend came into town friday night. we watched orange county and pooty tang, ate egregious amounts of chocolate chip cookie dough and pizza and talked until 3 in the morning. then, on saturday, my sister came over and we also stayed up late talking (2 a.m.) this was all fine and lovely except that i am an adoption worker and on sunday morning, i got called out of town for a birth. so on top of being exhausted, anxious, and disappointed at having to miss my wedding dress fitting sunday afternoon, i also felt guilt for feeling tired and nauseous and whiny while a 16 year-old girl was facing the hardest thing she's ever had to (or probably will ever have to) do--saying goodbye to her beautiful child.


Shelley said...

Hey! Glad you're back. I shall re-add you to my links :)

Karen said...

yay! i have a reader! shelley, i hope all is well in your bustling household.