03 April 2009


I was travelling all last week to visit Bill's family (baby + 4 hour delay on plane ride - naps = NOOOOOOOO!!!), hence my absence. Whenever I go too long without blogging, everything starts to seem like a good potential blog post. Then, I sit down in front of the computer and ((blank stare)). We got some really good pictures. I also downloaded all Bill's parents' pictures from their camera from the hospital and our visit last fall. It was so neat to see pictures from those first few weeks that I'd never seen before.
While sitting at the airport (and by "sitting", I mean "pacing in front of Gate D32 for 4 hours while Delta repeatedly promised it would be 'another 20 minutes or so' looking for a spot where I could feed my son without becoming an exhibitionist"), I started thinking about things that I've never done. Not like "go to Paris" things. Just things that I've never done, whether I have any real interest in doing them in the future or not. The thing that got me started thinking about it when I realized, riding to the airport, that I've been with my husband for 6 years, and I've never driven in Atlanta (where his family lives) nor do I really have a desire to. On the drive, we passed two wrecks and a recliner sitting in the middle of I-75 that had just fallen off someone's truck. I'm sure it was about to cause a third accident.
Things I've Never Done:
1. Driven in Atlanta
2. Watched "Tommy Boy"
3. Mowed the Lawn
4. Given Sonny a bath
5. Swum out further than waist deep in the ocean
6. Pulled an all-nighter
7. Juggled
8. Bought anything from the Swann's man
9. Run more than a mile
This is really one of those infinite lists, so I'm just going to stop.

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