12 December 2008

I Smell Like Vermont.

Apparently, fenugreek is used to flavor artificial maple syrup, and that is exactly what it tastes like (even through the capsule). Maple syrup. When I burp...maple syrup. And reading up on it, it can make your sweat and pee smell like maple syrup, too. Oh, and also the Pea. Maple syrup.


Hillary said...

LOL! Well, at least there's worse things you could be smelling of! :)

Bet your pancake cravings will be going through the roof! ;)

Karen said...

Yeah, the hotel we were staying at had a waffle maker, and I had one every day this week until this morning. I just looked at those little syrup containers and went "ughhh!"

Interesting fact: fenugreek is also a component of curry. Who knew?

Jonna said...

Interesting. I've been in that smelling like maple syrup place before but for a different reason. Read about it here and you can also learn some interesting facts about real maple syrup! :D