05 December 2008

Cool Kids' Table

I feel like I'm in high school all over again (only with a 3 month old chewing on my arm).

So here's the deal:  I am an extrovert.  I need adult interaction.  Bill and I host a church small group (which we love), and I'm in a women's Bible Study (which I love).  But I would really enjoy having a circle of mom friends for informal get-togethers, playdates, etc.  A Mom's Group, if you will.

And there are many out there.

One of which I remember reading about while I was still pregnant.  It made an impression on me because (a) one of my friends was in it and was quoted in the article, (b) the women in it seemed genuinely tight-knit, and (c) they stressed that they valued "coolness" in their members...they actually used another word but I don't want to disparage the group.  I really appreciated their philosophy of not just being a mom's group, but a women's group--they really acknowledge the fact that you don't cease being an individual just because you have kids.  So they schedule things like girls' nights out sans kiddos.  In short, I'm more than just a pod for the pea.  I filed it away in the ol' noggin as "hmmm...remember this for after the pea bursts forth from said pod."

And today, I decided to look them up online.  And they are...closed/full.  Apparently, I should have submitted an application while still pregnant (I'm not kidding). 

So my question is this:  What would you do?  Wait around for an opening (stare longingly at the bench until a girl named Holly or Jennifer moves away then skootch in)?  Call my friend (Ashely ha, ha that's for you Sara) and see if she can get them to bend the rules and let me in?  Say "forget this, I'll make up my own group!" and then never get around to actually doing it?  Find another group to join?  Any suggestions of specific groups are appreciated if the latter is your vote.


Jonna said...

If you do start a new "cool table" let me know!

Karen said...

And you would so be invited, Jonna. :) And the pea that is about to burst forth from your pod.

Jonna said...

lol...thanks! I feel my coolness level rising! ;D

BTW-let's not use the word burst when referring to my upcoming labor and delivery. Ouch. :P

Megan said...

I may be overreacting to this, but the whole, our-play-group-is-closed-but-we-can-put-you-on-our-waiting-list thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Makes me want to run, RUN the other direction from said group. So does the valuing "coolness" part, but I digress.

I gotta think that you would have no trouble starting your own group and not bother waiting around for this other group to (possibly) let you in. And I also don't think it has to be so structured and defined as to have a Group with Members. If you want to hang out with some moms, who says you can't just call them up?

Karen said...

True dat. But the thing is that I know myself, and I need structure/organization. Not like "here are the rules", more like, "here's what we (we being someone other than me) have planned for the next month or two".

And, yeah, I know what you mean by the bad taste in the mouth, but I will say...they did look like a group of women that was having a lot of fun. Heck, they got an entire article devoted to their group!