22 September 2006

cabbage patch-alooza

Well, I am officially jealous. My sister-in-law (with my then 8 year-old whining and cranky husband in tow) got to actually GO to Babyland General Hospital to have "surgery" on her Cabbage Patch Kid. Apparently, the original dolls did not have heiny cracks, so kids could take them there to have them added. Hee hee.

I just asked Bill to PLEASE PLEASE take me to Babyland General Hospital, but he said, "no". It would make me sad. Much like he banned me riding the Figment ride at Epcot two years ago. Some things are better left in your memory/imagination.

I am also including a picture of the Cabbage Patch Kid pony. I never knew anyone who actually had the CPK pony. Probably just for the little girls who wanted a doll pony to match their REAL pony.


Kat said...

My hubby still has a few cards of the "Garbage Pail Kids"...remember those? Ewww. Talk about evil...maybe that's what Bill Gothard meant. Boys.

Karen said...

hmmmmm...i remember those getting confiscated in 3rd and 4th grade. i never saw the draw.