03 October 2006

the big change

All right, I'm going to do it. I'm going to start eating better.

For those of you who know me well (or remember me sharing this around this time last year), I've always loved juicing and the ***concept*** of eating in a healthy manner, and yet I'm still strongly addicted to Coke and candy and the typical American diet of Doritos, frozen meals, white sugar, white flour, red meat...and so on and so forth, yech, yech, yech.

Well, it's a new day, and while I'm never going to be a vegan or a raw foodist, I do have to wake up and smell the coffee (which thankfully, I am NOT addicted to), and start eating healthier. It's not going to be easy...I actually dreamed about cookie cake last night.

But something's got to give.

So what will this mean? Eating the recommended number of fruits and vegetables a day. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day (which I actually usually already do). Cutting out Cokes (eek...I said it). Cutting down on sweets. Drinking freshly juiced stuff (which I actually look forward to...mmmm...love my juices). Eating more whole grains (I have hope on this one...last night, Bill loved the whole grain rolls I got). Eating less meat, more fish, more beans.

It's all stuff I've known forever. I just need to bite the bullet and do it.


Shelli said...


We did the switch last year...and I LOVE IT. Unfortunately...I haven't lost a single pound...but I STILL LOVE IT!

We only eat red meats on occasion, we eat LOTS of fish, and we only eat whole grain breads and pastas. YUM! And lots of veggies.

Karen said...

don't tell bill, but i'm switching us over to boca ground "burger".

APK said...

Hey...is your mom having Stove Top tonight? So is my mom! I have an idea...

Kat said...

Good for you!

I try to go whole grain all the time. We don't buy cokes usually to go in the fridge, but we might have one when we eat out. But we are HIGHLY addicted to our white and brown sugars...sweetend tea and brown sugar oatmeal...and can I get that recipie for the cookie cake?? :)

If you can't do it all at once, maybe try one at a time until you get used to it, and then knock something else off the list. Good luck!

Sara said...

To me, quitting the red meat was the easiest. After a few months, the cravings subside and it doesn't even cross your mind to have it.

And veggies can be good, you just have to prepare them right.

What about sweet potatoes? Don't you like them? They are oh so good for you, like the blueberry of the starch world.

Good luck! It may not be as convenient, but it does make you feel so much better.

Superchikk said...

It's much easier now with WalMart carrying a lot of the whole grain and organic products. Before you had to get them at the "healthy" grocery store that was NOT convenient to get to.

Once you get off of sugar, you will feel SO much better. But don't do like I did and slip back into it. It's harder to get off of it the second time!

Abbey said...

Shelli and I have blogged about this to each other on several occations...it is TOUGH and I would love to be dedicated to it, too.

But I'm taking it one day at a time. At least I've learned to not get so down on myself when I slip up and "eat bad." : )

It is a SLOW process!! But, darn it, I'm determined right now...we'll see what happens next week. : )