20 September 2006

being vs. doing

I have 7 days of work remaining with the organization I work for. It's a bizarre, bizarre feeling, as I have absolutely NO clue what I will do after that. My dad calls it "short-timer's syndrome". I call it "clueless about what I want to do with my life." My mother-in-law was telling me about the happiest time she had working at the dance studio where my sister-in-law took dance lessons growing up, and I have to say I think that sounds like so much fun. That's the kind of job I want. However, I have no idea how to acquire one like that.

And I think I pinned my finger on it this afternoon. I've spent so many years now with the mindset of "this is what I do" (i.e. a college student, a grad student, a counselor, an adoption worker), and now, I'm confronted with the need to switch my mindset to "this is who I am." A definite change, but I think it's needed whether I get a new job in 2 weeks or 2 months or 2 years or never (ha ha...fat chance.)

Sorry for all the deep thoughts. I promise a fun nostalgia post soon. To get you going: Did ANYONE actually have the Cabbage Patch Kid playpen, quilted baby carrier, or pony? Anyone? Anyone? Who WERE those girls that had the big accessories?


Shelli said...

...the same girls that had the "Barbie Dream House". YUCK!

Karen said...

Oh, and the Barbie hot tub!! Remember that...I remember that one neighbor girl had it, and everyone else brought their Barbies over to soak in it.

Shelli said...

Ok...I had the hot tub.

I think I got that one Christmas INSTEAD of the dream house. It was nothing but a big mess to deal with though. Lots of water everywhere.

...ha ha ha...and I remember that the NEXT Christmas...I asked for the house AGAIN...and I got the Barbie "condo". Yah...that was fun.

Superchikk said...

Um, Cabbage Patch Kids are a sore spot with me...my sister and I finally got Cornsilk Cabbage Patch dolls (for Christmas), and then in January, Mom and Dad went to a Bill Gothard seminar. They learned that Cabbage Patch Kids were "evil" and made us burn them. Yes, burn them. I was scarred for life.

As far as the Barbie stuff...my Barbie hot tub was the sink.

Karen said...

superchikk--i'm so sorry! i still have mine. a little bald boy named jonathan marvin. it was "cool" at our school to have cpk's that looked like you, and i am anything but a bald little boy. but now, i look back and wouldn't trade him for a brunette girl. i'm still not sure how my parents managed to find one that crazy Christmas.

Kat said...

superchikk...that's horrible! I want to cry for you! I still have mine, well, actually I gave it to my daughter for her 2nd birthday. And then she got another for Christmas that same year and liked it better :( I want mine back! hehe...I think it is because her new one is a kid with hair, mine was a baby with no hair. Honey Jocellyn. And I only owned one barbie. Didn't really like them. Every time I went to play at the Azzorito's, Amy wanted me to play "Barbies". She would laugh at me and tell me I didn't know how to play. Yeah, funny.

Abbey said...

Okay, don't hate me, but I had the baby carrier and the eating chair that attached to the side of the table while you ate. I was spoiled by my grandparents...but I NEVER had the Barbi Dreamhouse... OH HOW I WISH I had the Dreamhouse!

So I just happened across your site through Shelli's...who's site I happened upon through Ellen's ... who knows how I got there. : )

Anyhoo, you and I seem to be about the same age...my 10 year reunion is coming up next year. Wow! Can't believe it... And I think it's funny that we are going through the EXACT same thing...what to do with life / who am I???

I quit my job over a year ago to "find" myself...I'm still looking! : ) But at least we are taking the time to figure out who we are instead of staying in a place we were think we're "supposed to be."

Good Luck!! I support you, new blogger buddy, in your endevor to find out who you are!

PS If you find the magic button that tells you the answers, please pass it on to me! : )